How to Secure Leadership Buy-In for a Community Engagement App

Ever-changing and evolving, the digital landscape can be difficult to keep up with, especially where community engagement is concerned. That’s part of the reason why we’re seeing organizations increasingly turning to community engagement apps to foster connections, collaboration, and involvement.  

The trick, of course, is securing leadership approval for a community engagement app. In other words, how can you get buy-in for these innovative tools and initiatives?  

A challenging task, to be sure, but in this article the TripBuilder Media team will present key strategies to effectively communicate the value of these solutions, empowering you to leverage leadership approval for a community engagement app… like ours.  

7 strategies to secure leadership for community engagement app integration 

While there could be more, these are the seven strategies that we’ve seen empower success when it comes to convincing corporate leadership that why a community engagement app is key to organizational success 

Identify key stakeholders

Before diving into your proposal, it’s essential to identify the key decision-makers and stakeholders within your organization. Understanding their priorities, concerns, and expectations will help tailor your pitch to align with their perspectives.  

Ultimately, you want to match their goals with actionable ways their association can make events year-round engagements because doing so not only increases member engagement but boosts revenue and creates new sponsorship opportunities. 

Who are the key stakeholders that would support an organization’s integration of a community engagement app? 

It’s one thing to recognize the value of a key stakeholder, it’s another to recognize who they are within an organization. Since implementing a community engagement app involves multiple stakeholders across different levels of an organization, these are the top-down roles and positions worth approaching.  

Executive leadership

  • CEO/President: As the ultimate decision-maker, their support is crucial. They are interested in how the app aligns with the overall strategy and goals of the organization. 
  • CIO/CTO: Responsible for technology strategy, they will evaluate the technical feasibility and integration aspects of the community engagement app. 

Marketing and communications 

  • Chief Marketing Officer (CMO): Interested in how the app can be leveraged for marketing purposes, brand building, and communication with customers. 
  • Communication managers: Those responsible for internal and external communication would find value in a platform that enhances engagement and communication. 

Human resources 

  • Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO): Concerned with employee engagement and workplace culture, they would see the potential of the app for fostering internal collaboration, communication, and team building. 
  • Employee engagement specialists: Professionals focused on improving the overall work experience and engagement levels of employees.  

IT department 

  • IT managers and administrators: Responsible for the technical implementation, integration, and maintenance of the app. Their support is crucial for a smooth deployment. 

Community managers 

  • Community engagement managers: Those who oversee community-building efforts within the organization or externally. They would be directly impacted by the features and functionalities of the app. 

Customer service 

  • Customer service managers: Interested in how the app can enhance customer interactions and satisfaction. They may see the app as a tool for gathering customer feedback and improving services. 

Legal and compliance

  • Legal counsel: Concerned with data privacy, compliance, and any legal implications of using the app. Their support is crucial to ensure the organization adheres to relevant regulations. 

Finance department 

  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO): Interested in the financial aspects, including the cost-benefit analysis and return on investment associated with the app. 

End users 

  • Employees: For internal apps, employees are critical stakeholders. Their support is essential for the success of the app. For external apps, consider the end users or customers who will interact with the app.

Community partners 

  • External stakeholders: If the app involves engaging with external communities, partners, or collaborators, their support and involvement may be crucial for success.  

Engaging and securing support from these stakeholders ensures a more holistic and comprehensive approach to the integration of a community engagement app within an organization. Each stakeholder brings a unique perspective, and addressing their concerns can contribute to a successful implementation. 

Clearly define objectives and benefits 

When trying to get leadership approval for a community engagement app, it’s critical that you are able to clearly articulate the app’s many features and benefits. Highlight how the app aligns with the organization’s goals, whether they are related to user engagement, customer satisfaction, or community outreach. Demonstrate how the app can enhance communication, foster collaboration, and drive positive outcomes. Bonus points if you can tie in the potential of this app to increase ROI as well.  

For example, a community event engagement app can help your organization advance goals like: 

Enhance employee engagement 

Foster a positive workplace culture and increase employee satisfaction. 

→App advantage: Facilitates communication, collaboration, and recognition among employees, boosting overall engagement. 

Improve internal communication 

Strengthen communication channels within the organization. 

→App advantage: Provides a centralized platform for announcements, updates, and discussions, ensuring timely and transparent communication. 

TECH TIP: Use targeted push notifications to communicate quickly and more effectively with your event attendees during your event and all year long. This helps you deliver a personalized user experience by presenting content tailored to each user.

Increase employee productivity 

Enhance employee efficiency and productivity. 

→App advantage: Streamlines workflows, facilitates project collaboration, and provides quick access to relevant information. 

Community building and networking  

Build a sense of community among employees or stakeholders. 

→App advantage: Offers features such as forums, chat, and networking events to encourage interactions and relationship-building. 

TECH TIP: With TripBuilder Media’s Mobile365 app you can manage your member directory and engage in matchmaking that enables your audience to network with each other throughout the year and connect with members of similar interests. This supports member networking -- a critical motivating factor for joining an association.

Customer engagement and loyalty 

Strengthen relationships with customers and increase loyalty. 

→App advantage: Provides a platform for customer feedback, support, and exclusive events, fostering a sense of belonging and loyalty. 

Build brand awareness 

Increase brand visibility and awareness. 

→App advantage: Enables organizations to showcase their values, initiatives, and  events, contributing to a positive brand image. 

Event management and attendance 

Efficiently organize and manage events.  

→App advantage: Allows for easy event planning, registration, and tracking attendance, improving the overall event experience.

TECH TIP: Our Mobile365 app allows organizers to include all events within the app, which means managing all major annual events within a single app, rather than multiple apps.

Knowledge sharing and collaboration  

Encourage knowledge sharing and collaboration among teams. 

→App advantage: Facilitates the sharing of resources, documents, and expertise, fostering a collaborative environment. 

Community outreach and CSR 

Strengthen ties with the community and support corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. 

→App advantage: Provides a platform to promote and organize community events, volunteer opportunities, and charitable activities. 

Data-driven decision making 

Improve decision-making processes with data insights. 

→App advantage: Collects and analyzes user data, feedback, and engagement metrics, providing valuable insights for strategic decision-making. 

Talent acquisition and retention 

Attract and retain top talent. 

→App advantage: Showcases the organization’s culture, values, and opportunities,making it an attractive workplace for prospective and current employees. 

Customer feedback and improvement 

Gather feedback for continuous improvement. 

→App advantage: Allows customers and stakeholders to provide feedback, helping the organizations make informed decisions for product/service enhancements. 

By aligning a community engagement app with these organizational goals, businesses can leverage the platform to drive positive outcomes, strengthen relationships, and create a more engaged and connected community.  

In other words, this should be looking less and less like a hard sell 

Showcase success stories 

Share success stories from other organizations that have implemented community engagement apps. Highlight specific examples where similar solutions have had a measurable impact on engagement, productivity, or community building. Real-world examples can provide concrete evidence of the app’s potential benefits.  

“TripBuilder Media has one of the best approaches to customer service of any vendor we work with. They take the time to understand each individual need as well as our overall goals. We would recommend them to anyone.” 


“The team at TripBuilder Media has been amazing. I can’t imagine a better mobile app development and maintenance experience than what I have experienced with TripBuilder Media.” 


Quantify Return on Investment (ROI) 

Leadership is often concerned with the financial aspects of any new initiative. In order to facilitate leadership approval for a community engagement app, you need to develop a clear and comprehensive ROI model that outlines its expected return on investment. This could include metrics such as increased employee productivity, improved user engagement, or enhanced community relationships. 

Address security and compliance 

Security is a top priority for any organization, especially when adopting new technologies. Address potential security concerns and compliance issues related to the community engagement app. Provide detailed information about data protection measures, privacy features, and any relevant certifications or compliance standards the app adheres to.  

Offer a pilot program 

Mitigate the perceived risk by proposing a pilot program. A limited-scale implementation allows leaders to test the community engagement app’s effectiveness without committing to a full-scale rollout immediately. A successful pilot can build confidence and increase the likelihood of obtaining leadership buy-in. 

Create a comprehensive implementation plan 

Develop a detailed implementation plan that addresses key milestones, timelines, and resource requirements. Outline the steps involved in deploying the community engagement app and ensure that leadership is aware of the support and resources needed for a smooth rollout. 

Congratulations, you’re getting a community engagement app!  

Securing leadership buy-in for a community engagement app requires a strategic approach that addresses the concerns and priorities of key decision-makers. By clearly defining objectives, showcasing success stories, quantifying ROI, addressing security concerns, offering a pilot program, and presenting a comprehensive implementation plan, you can build a compelling case for the adoption of a community engagement app within your organization.  

Remember, effective communication is key to turning your vision into a successful reality. And the TripBuilder Media team is standing by to offer clarity and support as you inspire leadership buy-in for a community engagement app at your organization.  

Contact us today!  

Marie Smith
Marie Smith

Marie Smith is a Marketing Manager with Community Brands. She is passionate about giving back to her community and has always been involved with membership organizations from being a Girl Scouts of America troop leader volunteer, to a Parent Teacher Association President and VP of Membership, most recently. Marie is passionate about creating special experiences for customers and future customers throughout their experiences with our products and resources. In her free-time, Marie is equally passionate about spending time with her family, gardening, listening to live music, and enjoying good food.