Frustrated With Getting Members to the Top of the Engagement Pyramid?

Launching Member Engagement to New Heights  

Proven Strategies for Targeted and Personalized Communication 

Despite your best efforts to increase member engagement, sometimes members just will not respond the way you anticipate. It’s frustrating and there can be a variety of reasons for this.  

For instance, with various audiences like board members, committee members, associate members, exhibitors, and staff, it’s crucial not to treat them all the same. We’ve all been on the receiving end of an email or text message that had nothing to do with us — also frustrating 

That’s why targeted and personalized communications tailored to different audience segments are pivotal for driving member engagement. In other words, you have to meet your members where they are, which requires knowing who they are and understanding what they want.  

Fortunately, today’s mobile app solutions can help you meaningfully connect with and engage your audience all year, whether for a single or multiple events. If your association is hearing nothing but crickets from your member base, it’s time to check out the capabilities of TripBuilder Media’s Mobile365 app.   

In the meantime, we’ll take you through some strategies that are proven to help associations master member engagement…  

Engagement 101 

For the visual learners, it helps to imagine member engagement as a pyramid. At the base level, individuals are merely following, such as receiving an email blast but not bothering to unsubscribe.  

As you ascend the pyramid, engagement deepens with actions like endorsing and owning, ultimately leading to a profound personal connection with the organization’s mission. The goal, of course, is to move your members up the pyramid, which requires a personalized approach.  

TECH TIP: Mobile365 allows associations to send year-round targeted messaging via push notifications, which supports a personalized user experience through content delivery tailored to each individual user.

* A fun fact about personalized push notifications: research shows they improve user reaction rates by 400%.  

Pushing members to the peak 

We know adopting a one-size-fits-all approach won’t suffice and providing relevant content that resonates with each audience segment is key. Tailoring messages ensures all members receive content that has been specifically targeted to their interests, which will keep them engaged.  

TECH TIP: You can start by introducing your membership to Mobile365’s Hot Topics feature, which enables users to engage in two-way conversation about your association’s hot topics, in particular, advocacy. This helps build community within your association and motivate your members to engage in meaningful conversations.

Make it fun 

To inspire member engagement, consider how to make your content more entertaining. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to launch a new email campaign or flood your social media channels with meme-driven posts. Instead, use the gamification capabilities of a mobile app to energize your audience.  

TECH TIP: Mobile365 inspires education and activity all year long by leveraging an in-app gamification feature, which includes quizzes, scavenger hunts, trivia, and more -- all designed to motivate member engagement.

Key strategies for enhanced engagement 

We find lists helpful when you’re trying to move the needle on a specific objective for your association. In this case, you’ll notice an increase in member engagement if you can hit the following five targets. Think of them as milestones marking the member journey up the peak.  

Milestone 1: Tailored content 

Delivering content specific to different groups within the membership ensures relevance

TECH TIP: You can also ensure that your content is always accessible to your membership with the Publications feature in Mobile365. This allows users to pick and choose which content they actually want or need to consume.

Milestone 2: Impactful communication  

Members feel engaged when they receive information, especially when it’s personalized. 

TECH TIP: A key feature of Mobile365 is the Member Directory/Matchmaking capability, which enables users to easily network with each other throughout the year, as well as connect with members who share their interests. This underscores the importance of relevant communication to member engagement and, don’t forget, networking is a prime motivating factor for joining any association.

Milestone 3: Personalized experience 

Meeting members’ expectations for personalized experiences fosters stronger connections. Additionally, you want to provide open communication between users and your association’s leadership and staff.  

TECH TIP: Mobile365 helps increase member engagement by providing users with an easy and reliable connection to the key players in your association.

Milestone 4: Data-driven personalization 

Leveraging member data to personalize communications based on interests and preferences enhances the overall experience. Prioritize personalization, yes, but don’t forget that timing is everything. Associations communicate more effectively with their members when they consider context and past behavior into account: “Your association is likely awash in member data, which means you have many opportunities to personalize experiences and increase member engagement.”  

Milestone 5: Utilizing preferred channels 

Understanding members’ preferred communication channels, such as mobile apps, enhances engagement. Don’t rely on channels that are not working for you, unless you intend to evaluate and refine your efforts. {excerpt from and link to blog post, Why Your Association’s Email Marketing Isn’t Working: 6 Common Pitfalls and Solutions} 

Download our whitepaper and learn more ways to enhance the member experience with a mobile app. 

Elevating member engagement 

We know firsthand how important an engaged membership is to your association. The fact is, we live in a dizzying digital age where many of us feel overwhelmed by messaging, notifications, and the constant stream of communications. By using the data you have about your members, you’re already positioned to cut through the noise and connect with them when and how they want you to.  

By implementing the strategies we’ve outlined above, your members are more likely to ascend the engagement pyramid and meaningfully interact with your association. TripBuilder Media’s Mobile 365 was developed specifically to improve the member experience and increase engagement. Our solution facilitates targeted, personalized communication, leading members to the peak of engagement, which will undoubtedly reward your associations with increased retention and satisfaction. 

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TripBuilder Media Team