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How a Membership App can Drive Recruitment and Engagement

For many associations mobile apps are viewed in the limited context of event engagement. But a growing number of forward-looking associations are converting their mobile solution from an “events only” focus to an “every day” focus. The goal:create a daily habit of engagement that boosts member engagement and recruitment. Achieving that goal: using a membership app.

There are many reasons why people join and stay members of an association. Certainly your annual and regional events are engagement highlights. But they are one leg of the engagement stool. And if you want to make engagement with your members a habit, you don’t want to ignore the other legs. How do you build an engagement stool that will provide a secure platform for your organization and tie all of your engagement & communication related goals together? A year-round mobile app for your association members is your answer. With a year-round membership app, you have built that stool.

Why Do Members Join?

The top ten reasons members join an association are:

  1. Network with Others in their Field
  2. Access Specialized Information
  3. Learn Best Practices
  4. Pursue Continuing Education
  5. Attend Conferences
  6. Achieve Certification
  7. Advocate
  8. Access Publications
  9. Get Discounts on Products
  10. Have the Prestige of Belonging to an Association*

How A Mobile App Can Answer the Above Criteria and Meet Your Members’ Needs

  1. Your mobile app can provide networking tools for your members. Features like a community forum (for ongoing discussion), member directory with matchmaking searching ability and more provide an ongoing opportunity for members to connect.
  2. Your mobile app can provide your members with access to specialized information based on interest, skill level, or job function via targeted push notifications, plus deliver other content based on those criteria.
  3. Your mobile app can guide best practices and continuing education by providing a central location for handouts, publications and video training tools.
  4. Your mobile app can give your attendees all the information they need for your conferences including schedule, speaker, attendee directory and more.
  5. Your mobile app can provide information on events that offer certification credits, and tracking those credits through session check-in and out codes.
  6. Your mobile app can provide information on “hot topics” critical to your organization like legislation, plus give your members the ability to ask experts in the field, and even be able to email relevant legislators at the click of a button.
  7. Your mobile app can provide information on all your member benefits such as discounted products and special services
  8. Your mobile app can include all your publications and newsletters.

And a Mobile App Can Do Even More …

It can generate revenue for your organization through sponsorship opportunities.
It can provide in-depth analytics on engagement and provide data through polling and surveys to drive association goals
It can provide a calendar of all your events, large and small, so that members know even the webinars and training sessions coming up, and provide the ability to register for those small events.
It can provide job listings within your association.
It can provide leadership and staff information.
It can highlight your committees and make it easier for your committee members to do work through easier committee communication and sharing of information.

What can’t your mobile app do for your organization?

Clean your office. But we’re working on it!

*”Components in Membership Marketing Whitepaper”, Marketing General Inc.