Our Analytics Dashboard & Reporting is So Highly Visual You Will Jump for Joy

TripBuilder Media Team

June 21, 2019

At TripBuilder Media we recognize how important data is to your decision making when it comes to not only your events, but your year-round operation. It’s what allows you to take raw, customer feedback and turn it into decisive actions and even revenue. With our event app analytics you gain better ROI insight and increase your success, engagement and profitability while also decreasing spending. But that’s not all. We’re bringing it all to you in an engaging, user-friendly, interactive way. Take a look at how we’re making decision making even easier, more focused on what matters to you … and more exciting to look at. Because we know that browsing event app analytics is about as thrilling as watching paint dry. So let’s give it a little color.

Drill Deeper

Interested in how a specific module is performing within your app? Or maybe your team wants to know what sessions your attendees have added to their MySchedule the most.  View detailed reports for each main module within your app (including Membership, Committees, Chapters, Topics) at the Mobile 365 level and each main event module (such as the Schedule, Exhibitors, Speakers, Sponsors, and more). Our colorful, easy to analyze dashboard lets you see:

  • A breakdown of all clicks within a particular module
  • Items that users are adding to their personal lists
  • Clicks within a specific period of time
  • Ability to filter the sessions based on groups like Members vs. Non-Members


Be More Intelligent

Make informed decisions with visual representations of your data. Get a detailed overview of your app’s usage with elegant graphs and click-through options to detailed reporting. Use the dashboard’s widgets to see your:

  •        Total users and the average clicks per user
  •        App’s overall usage rate
  •        Top download days, downloads by platform and downloads by group
  •        Clicks by module with click through to detailed reporting and trends


Know Your Audience Inside and Out

View all of your app users, their login status and the personal interest groups they selected at the time of login, allowing you to personalize their experience. Receive detailed survey feedback on custom questions. But know it all without having to wade through hard-to-read type and impossible-to-analyze graphs.

Keep Your Sponsors in the Loop

Make sure your sponsors know their ROI. View all of your sponsor and revenue reporting in one place and easily share reports with individual sponsors. Sponsors will be thrilled to know the total impressions and click-through rate for each type of sponsored they purchased in the app. With reporting this clean and easy to read, your sponsors will love you.

Track Trends

Compare the usage of our your app’s various modules over time and among different types of users.

Get Valuable Feedback & Continually Improve

Use the variety of metrics available as a guide to constantly improve a users’ event experience year after year and determine the most effective ways to generate revenue for your organization.

How Can You Use Your New Analytics? Here are A Few Ideas….

  • Find that your monthly challenge game has been a hit? Use these metrics to attract sponsors and make a profit off the game
  • See that your chapters conversations aren’t gaining traction? Use this information to schedule targeted push notifications to increase participation.
  • Putting together your sponsorship package for next year’s event? Use the sponsor metrics to determine what the most popular sponsorship opportunities were and determine their worth.
  • Need help generating a year end summary of your overall event to show your boss? Easily export the data that matters most right from the dashboard.

Contact us to learn more and get started on interpreting your data now. We promise to make it fun for you.

TripBuilder Media Team