Get Your Association Committee Working Together Like a Final Four Team

The Issue:

A committee can be one of the most productive tools that an association has for goal achievement. But committees can also be incredible time sucks, eating up countless hours while not accomplishing much. The challenge is to manage committees well; to get the most out of them while nipping their dysfunctional traits in the bud.


• Target communication to Committee affiliation, so the experience is personalized.
• Get Committee members easily connecting with each other all year long…not by email.
• Get Committee members engaged with each other on hot topics.
• Provide all the info on Committee meetings well in advance.
• Distribute Committee-specific materials on an ongoing basis.

How do you do all of the above and more. It’s easy with our Mobile 365 platform. One single membership app for all your committee work. Find out the simple solution to effective committee work.


TripBuilder Media Team