Great customer service doesn’t just happen overnight. It builds from a company culture. In such a culture, service to customers is a way of life, a default position, something that is relentlessly pursued and refined. Here’s our 7 pillars that we consciously nurture to ensure our customers keep coming back to us.

  1. Fit Matters. Not everyone is a good fit to serve as an Account Manager. Skill set is important. Dealing with friendly, responsive, caring Account Managers, who are organized and keep you on task is key to a successful event app. It can be really frustrating for you to put your valuable possession – your show information – in the hands of someone you don’t like or who is disorganized. We look for outgoing people, with an organized mindset, who grasp complex issues quickly and can solve problems creatively. Our customers know they are in good hands with our Account Managers, and we take that event app worry off their plate. We have an incredibly high retention rate so we must be doing something right!

  3. Make it Personal. But customer service is not just about being nice and being organized. It’s also about responding to a customer’s needs. Our Account Managers are completely familiar with every aspect of our mobile solutions in order to answer your questions, and they are required to be completely familiar with your goals. One of our core values is that we focus on what the customer wants and needs. We understand that from the very start of our relationship – we do a Needs Assessment before we even begin work on a mobile solution. And a needs-focused experience continues throughout the life of our customer’s mobile solution. We never take a one size fits all approach…ever!

  5. Connections Matter.  Does your provider only have email support so you can’t speak with anyone in your moment of need? At TripBuilder Media you know who your Account Manager is, and you can actually pick up the phone and speak to them, whenever you need to. And, of course, there is always a way for your attendees to get help 24/7, with an in-app Help Desk. We know, unlike other mobile event app companies, that quick response from an actual person who knows you is hugely important to a successful mobile solution.

  7. We Take Into Account Your Desire for Control. Sometimes great service means getting out of your customer’s way, and giving them the tools they need to solve their own dilemmas. What happens when you want to make a change within your app? Does your provider require you to contact someone first? Wouldn’t it be easier to just do it yourself if you want to. With TripBuilder Media’s easy Content Management System, you’re in control. Make your changes when you want, as you want. Do it from the show floor if you have to. It’s that easy. But, of course, there is always someone ready and willing to help you if you aren’t comfortable doing something on your own (see Pillar #3).

  9. Empowerment Matters. Empowering employees to come up with solutions to problems, and take creative action, reflects back on great customer service. Our Account Managers are given wide berth to tackle issues without having to go up the food chain. Why wait for a response when you have excellent help at hand?

  11. Never Settle. We are always striving to do better, taking a page from the some of the great retailers like Charles Henry Harrod, Estee Lauder and RH Macy. They always innovated, even long after they were well established. We solicit our customer’s opinions so that we can know what they want, don’t want, like and dislike, and then we act on it. And we strive to come up with features that they may not even know they need, before they need them.

  13. Focus on Retention, not Acquisition. We make sure you are happy at every step of the process so you come back to us. As the great Estee Lauder once said, “Because at the end of the day, the efforts we make to create the product we want is all about the customer saying, “I want it, I need it, I’ll use it and I’ll come back again”. By adhering to pillars #1 to 6 we’ve taken that lesson to heart, and clients keep coming back again and again.

Have a suggestion for how we can improve our customer service? Let us know,


TripBuilder Media Team