Get Your Attendees Connecting With Our ScanMe™ Feature

Your event attendees are valuable to you. And their happiness is important to us. We’re always trying to help your attendees engage and connect with each other. That’s where our ScanMe™ feature steps in.

Here’s How it Works.

Attendees simply scan each other’s badges via a built-in scanner located within the ScanMe icon. Once a badge is scanned, the relevant contact information is reflected in a “MyScans” section of the EventMobile™ app. An attendee can access the MyLeads either during the show, or at a later date. Attendees can set what information they want other attendees to see via public and private settings. And they can take notes on any attendee they scan and export the leads and notes at any time.

Event organizers have the benefit of restricting usage, and obtaining data on attendee interaction. Organizers can limit who uses the ScanMe feature by assigning each person a code. Once a user taps the ScanMe icon for the first time they would get a pop-up screen that requires entering a code right before scanning an attendee’s badge. No code, no scanning. And the event organizer can also see who is using the ScanMe feature and how much usage it is getting. Plus the organizer can set qualifiers to the ScanMe feature that pop up after a badge is scanned which can relate to the event itself, or just label the strength of the contact.

It’s that simple. Your attendees get to know each other. You look like a hero.

Ready to try it out? Contact us for a quick demo.

TripBuilder Media Team