Lead Retrieval Built Into Your EventMobile™ App! That’s Awesome

Your event can depend upon the support of your tradeshow exhibitors. As the event organizer, you need to deliver value to them, and add a revenue stream for you. That’s where TripBuilder Media’s Lead Warrior™ steps in.

Lead Warrior™ saves your exhibitors time and money, and adds value to your event. It’s so easy … Lead Warrior allows exhibitors to easily capture and qualify leads, and is built right into your TripBuilder Media EventMobile™ app.

Your exhibitors will love the ability to capture leads quickly and easily within the event app and sync them in real time.

Your attendees will love the ability to provide their contact info without having to carry around bulky business cards.

And you’ll love the ability to provide value to your exhibitors and generate revenue by charging per exhibitor for Lead Warrior usage.

Want to learn more about how you can utilize Lead Warrior at your next event? Contact us today!

You can also download our guide to learn more about how our Lead Warrior EventMobile feature can generate revenue for you and value for your exhibitors.

TripBuilder Media Team