Nine Questions to Ask When Choosing a Mobile Event App Provider

It’s tough to choose a mobile event app provider. There are a lot out there, and not all are good. So how do you narrow down your choices and identify the company best for you? We have the right questions to ask. Always keep in mind that you want to focus on which app is most “suitable” for your particular needs because needs can vary. And use the least amount of functionality to achieve your goals. You want a solution that is simple to administer and simple to use. Adding unnecessary features can cause confusion. So streamline.

Here are our Top Nine questions to ask:

  1. How long have you been creating mobile solutions and what type of events do you focus on?
    It’s really important to make sure that the mobile app provider you select has been around for a long time and is a proven solution. It would be a shame if, as it gets closer to your event, you found out your provider was no longer in business.

  3. What are the top three compliments you receive from clients?
    Before you get lost in the details of features and functionality, get a high-level view from the provider of what their three main benefits are, as seen through the eyes of other clients.

  5. What is your process?

    Does your potential provider help identify what solution is most suitable for your needs? Or do they just start talking without really listening?


  7. How flexible is your solution?
    Many providers have a feature set that can best be described as “take it or leave it”. You either use all their features as is, or you can’t use their solution. Other providers are far more flexible and enable you to easily tailor their solution to your needs without additional cost.

  9. How can we “grow” with your solution?
    This question takes flexibility a step further. Can your chosen app grow as your needs grow?

  11. How can your solution integrate with our other systems?
    Determine at an early stage if your potential provider has experience integrating systems so that you can avoid double data entry.

  13. How can I deliver different experiences for different audience segments?
    Discover whether you are limited to treating all app users the same, or if you can tailor the experience based on different user “groups” and “personal interests”.

  15. How much profit can I generate from your solution?
    Don’t just focus on cost, focus on how much profit you can generate from your app. Are there a ton of unique sponsorship features and potential for revenue generation.

  17. How do you support your solution?
    If your solution isn’t well supported, that could be a disaster for you. Does your potential app provide built-in User support? Does your potential app provider have dedicated support during the crucial weeks prior to your event?


If you get satisfactory answers on all of the above then you know you are making the right choice!

TripBuilder Media Team